Customer Care

At Reduced to Clear, we care about our community and our customers. It’s why we constantly look for the best low prices and find ways to help you get more value from your grocery budget.

Our philosophy is simple:

Small prices, big brands, guaranteed!


We are always completely honest and open in our approach, and you’ll never find a price increase on a current product in-store.* We also take time to train our store managers and staff to ensure they put you, our customer, first.

If you have a comment, complaint or suggestion, please look out for our feedback questionnaires at the tills, or speak to your local store manager. We’re always keen to hear ways we can improve, and would love to hear about any products you’d like to see us stock.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

*This only applies to products from the same shipment. New stock and new shipments may be priced differently.

We respect your right to privacy.